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Much of the US, and the world, has watched in amazement and disgust as the leadership in Washington alternates between wringing its hands and pointing its fingers.

This proves once again that “leadership in Washington” is an oxymoron (emphasis on moron). Politicians continue to whine and squabble about how to overspend without getting kicked out of office.

 Lies, money, hatred, deceit – and way more sex than we know about. Why isn’t this a movie?  I, therefore, offer to write the script if we can get the right director to sign on.

 But, who would be the best director for this project? I thought this was a fascinating question. I came up with the following list, and want your opinion on which would be best.  I excluded Clint Eastwood, this would be beneath him.

 I would REALLY like to see what Moliere (Tartuffe, School for Wives, Misanthrope) would do with it.  He had a true gift for driving a satirical knife into the heart of idiocy.

 Who would make the best production of DEBT CEILING, THE MOVIE?