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DB Cooper is a real paradox for the FBI. They say he’s dead, but are still actively pursuing him. 

What makes the DB saga more problematic for the Feds, is that he not only escaped – he escaped with $200,000, which they paid him as ransom.  This may not sound like a lot now, but back in 1971 it was worth a lot more.

Calculated for inflation, factoring in the drop in value that will occur if there’s not a debt ceiling agreement, that would be like a hundred trillion dollars. (Just kidding, a little over 10 million).

I was living in Venezuela ( yes, I’m that old! ) when it happened, and it was even big news down there. I certainly missed out on a lot of the news coverage, but there was still a great deal of interest – as I recall, this was the very first US airline hijacking for ransom.   It is also the only unsolved hijacking in US history.

DB Cooper became a folk hero. He boarded a Northwest Orient Airlines flight from Portland to Seattle, in November of 1971, carrying a briefcase. In that briefcase he claimed there was a bomb. He ordered the plane to land, and let the passengers off. He then picked up his money and some parachutes, and then orderd the plane to take off. Back in the air, he escapted by parachuting out of the passenger jet and landed near Vancouver, Washington.

The FBI says he died in the jump, though there has been no body found, and most of the ransom money is still unaccounted for. Over the years, there have been DB Cooper sightings, legends, stories and songs. I mention it now because it appears that the FBI is hot on his trail again! Here is a story in the Mail Online:

If they don’t find him, I at least hope that when he dies, a mysterious package will be delivered to the Hoover Building in Washington (no to be safe he’d better send copies to CNN and Fox News instead) with a complete account of his caper – from start to finish. I’d read it!

And, I almost hope that the FBI doesn’t find him. After all, being able to survive 40 years as a criminal shouldn’t be the exclusive right of politicians.