Rchard Handl, from Sweden, was recently arrested.

Turns out he wanted to find his own solution to the energy crisis. His solution involved going downtown to his local Plutonium SuperStore, and picking up a lifetime supply of fissionable materials. A little radium, americium, and the still popular uranium to go along with his eggs and milk.

It’s not like he was hiding anything, since Richard kept a blog about his efforts. He also wanted to see if he could ‘split atoms at home.’ I hope it’s a big home, particle accelerators – even the really cool new ones – tend to take up some real estate.

I wonder if he read the FOUNDATION books by Isaac Asimov?

And he better not ask me to chip in when his power bills begin to creep up.

Swedish authorities may lock him up, but why? Why not help him? If he solves the problem of Condo-sized nuclear power generation, fantastic – sign me up. If not, all the time he spends with radioactive materials will let natural selection solve the problem for us.

Here’s a link to the full story: