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Washington can exhale now. The election is over, and while the truth is still their enemy, it’s less of a danger. I say this because several incidents have just come to light. This should not be a surprise. The polls have closed, so the curtain hiding the latest dirty secrets has begun to be drawn.

We now know that Iran attacked one of our drones in international airspace before the election. We now know that HHS has planned an assault on the States over Obamacare.

Now we discover the latest pre-election secret to be hidden until the post-election celebrations have ended.

General David Petraeus, Director of the CIA, resigned. General Petraeus is, and has been, an effective and inspiring leader. He calmed the trouble seas in Iraq, turning the hurricane that threatened to sink our involvement there into a minor storm that merely washed our influence back into a sea of ineptitude. Petraeus is known as a man of integrity and honor. Petraeus is known to be on the schedule to testify about the Benghazi debacle before Congress.

Petraeus resignation is allegedly the result of an extramarital affair. However, by resigning now he eliminates the risk of being forced to resign for much more damning reasons later. I do not believe that infidelity is the reason behind Petraeus’ decision to step down. Cheating on a spouse, in the nation’s capital, merely qualifies him for Congress. The fact that he didn’t fool around with an employee, or service member under his command, simply means he would run as a Republican. People who have dedicated their lives to serving their country DON’T often quit because of a single indiscretion.

People who have dedicated their lives to serving their country DO quit to when faced with the unacceptable choice of having to lie before Congress, or telling a damning truth. I believe the General resigned in order to break his date with Congress. I’m not sure it was even his decision to resign. I suspect the White House asked for his resignation.

I’m convinced that Petraeus would have testified truthfully to Congress. I believe the truth is something the current administration is deathly afraid of.

Benghazi will certainly become a benchmark for incompetence. Hillary Clinton already announced her departure. Her State Department showed callous, if not criminal, incompetence in abandoning the Benghazi mission to terrorists. Now Petraeus, who certainly knows what really happened during that critical period, resigns as well. Oh, one more detail, his resignation is effective immediately. That means no testimony before Congress – no embarrassing details revealed.

Benghazi is the reason Petraeus resigned; the affair is merely an acceptable excuse. The White House knew since the FBI had already investigated the affair for “security reasons.” This is the perfect moment to make him disappear, after the election but before he can tell the truth about Benghazi.

Great timing. I wonder what else we don’t know