Last Friday (Nov. 21) my new novel TWEET REVENGE was released in Kindle and Paperback. I had done some pre-release publicity, and TWEET appeared on 2 Amazon Best Seller lists. Within a day of it’s release, TWEET had moved rapidly up the lists until it reached #14 on the Kindle Crime Story sub-genre dealing with Vigilante Justice. It also made it into the top fifty serial killer novels.

TR amazon bs2 Vigil 14 crop1

As I write this post, TWEET REVENGE is still on both Kindle Best Seller lists.

I did several things for pre-release marketing. One I had never tried was to uploaded a review copy to NetGalley. It got dozens of downloads, but only one review so far. I understand that it may take weeks for the reviews to show up.

Instead of explain NetGalley, and Patchwork Press who I used to get uploaded there, I will save that for a separate post. I will post information on several of the different steps in my publication process in case someone has questions.

Also this weekend my first Novel, HELLFIRE, made it up to #2 on the Political Thriller Best Seller List on Kindle Australia! bs2 2 crop

Not a bad weekend.