Here is an article by South African Matt Newnham that I found very interesting.  I hope you all enjoy it also.


Déjà vu:  lack of creativity means you have seen it before and the box office feels it

I have to admit, as a film lover, and even a lover of good quality TV shows that the sizzle of a blockbuster seems to have stopped sizzling in the last few years. Originality seems to have been lost, with producers and directors finding a recipe and sticking with it, and this is starting to hit the box office takings and cinema viewer opinions.

Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with finding a recipe and making it work; Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Indiana Jones and Back to the Future got things right but they also knew when enough was enough, and the horse was still able to frolic and gallop freely without coming anywhere near being a dead one to flog. In the past, directors and producers always gave just enough to ensure optimal revenues, they knew how to find the perfect time gap between next chapters and knew when to stop completely.

X-men has seen sequels, prequels, origins and a host of variations and it seems to have worked but is has become a little bit “yawn, not more x-men” and “I know how this will end” and it seems originality has fallen away or is at least starting to.

Batman, Superman and any other superhero have all been milked in the last two or three years. The Big budget productions, with same old, same old, have become “normal” and the only creativity seems to be which superhero can be pitched against which.  Suicide Squad, that recently hit the circuit, had massive hype leading up to it and didn’t do too badly in the box office with $267million in takings in its first weekend but it wasn’t liked by audiences as the Rotten Tomato scale showed.

Movies, and even TV shows for that matter seem to have lost their creativit genius. It can’t be a lack of ideas out there, but something needs to be done to give audiences the blockbuster they need without having to rely on remakes or sequels. Some sequels of many movies simply highlight that Hollywood is not what it was, Independence Day 2 was weak compared to the original that became a classic not just for the movie but also the soundtrack, people went and watched the sequel and left somewhat disappointed.

Sometimes a remake or another “adventure in the life of…”, such as the recent Tarzan movies, are filled with hope for audiences. Yes the audience knows what to expect and have a sort of understanding as to who the characters are but it is actually not, especially in the case of Tarzan that in a funny way was little different to the old Johnny Weissmuller movies, what could be called original other than the CGI.

Do you remember the first time Star Wars hit the screen, or the first Indiana Jones, the first Rocky movie, back to the future, the deer hunter or Kramer vs Kramer? They were fresh, unique and audiences loved them. Star Wars was even parodied by Mel Brooks in Spaceballs,  that doesn’t happen today perhaps because the movies are joke in themselves. That spark of creativity needs to be found to get box offices moving, leaving audiences excited.

This summer if you have found yourself watching movies that didn’t quite find that x-spot, you were not the only one. Box offices figures show so and sadly the lack of originality is partly to blame along with directors sticking to an easy recipe that soon makes homemade cakes taste like a muffin bought in a convenience store.

Based in Cape Town, South Africa Matt Newnham is a writer who has a cup that is always a little more than half full. Matt is passionate about life and success and his writing has earned him the title “The Master of Emotional Appeal” as he manages to find the true heart and human feeling of almost any subject.  Matt is also the Author of the children’s book Space Ranger Fred and the Shoelace Adventure.  Follow Matt on Twitter @MattNewnhamZA  , on Facebook and on his website